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Thursday, May 08, 2008


hmm... well.. just nw Pca paper was ok... i can du it... hmm...everidae hav been study n 2dae i just wana relex ma mind... 4 just 2dae... n 2moro will strt revision on geron!! duh!! our 3 project still hav not complete.. stress la... pressure beb!! wad a life!! lolx!! hav 2 bear wif it even tho m tired n blablabla...dis is life mah!!just nw in skwel so many thingz happen.. so lepak... i hate takin lif wif the chines people frm other course... they r so smelly sia!! realli.. masam!!! ako da tak tahan tady dlm lif..u noe i sae wad? "haiya smelly sia u all.. u guyz nvr mandi uh"?? haha.. i dun giv a damm.. loike so pengoto sak!! dasa tak cebok!!! ok go 2 die 2 dem!!
ok.. i mis bf... realli... he wont b back dis week.. cz of field camp.. haiya,, leceh la drng.. n will b mittin hym nxt week.. lame kan? wad to do...ok.. m done.. nk tgk cinta fitri.. so many daez readi taw da mis.. shit!!
btw hapy aniversary 2 us..2yrs6monthz


Saturday, May 03, 2008


hmm... da lame ehk ako tak update..da nk 1month... haha.. well skwel hav been open n m farckin lazy 2 swith on ma lappy n destop... itz loike i hav a fixed routine wen skwel hav strted... grrr!! no life reali!!! everidae skwel ended at 5plus,6.. and strt at 8.. wth!!! so tiring!! as if ma mind is loike a thumdrive which cn absorb everithing n be stored der!!! n everidae after skwel i will alwaes hold ma book n revise thru again!! loike duh!!! everi24hrs hav 2 hold books... n somore dis y2.. i dun hav book 4 bio n hav 2 make our own note.. imagine? even pca!!! but i photocopied d whole bio book frm d 2.2student... haha.. loike as if so diff to giv us a bio book.. we pay 4 it wad!!! n can u imagin..havin test everi week? n cant even take a rest on d weekend.. n still holdin books during weekend? not even havin ani outin!! dis is hell!! even ma PCa is loike...duh.. it so loike d bio!! so many think on pcA 2 remember...shito!!! n dis cumin thru m havin ma pca paper... n btw i did bad 4 ma bio!! hell to d paper.. wadeva i studied n ma teacher asked us to concentrated on.. didnt even klua!! mcm F kan??well der is alwaes a next tyme to try harder.. wteva!! enuf abt skwel...

hmm.. our relationshp is realli fulls of up n dwn lately!!! but we r still strong 2 hold it der... itz loike wadeva we both do dun we dun realli sastifed w each other.. ader jek yg tak kene!! wth!! just hope dat we can still b loike we use 2 b... n giv n take 2 each other...wont elaborate more... mlz.... k done... later fetchin bf at kaki bukit camp!! haha... pic will upload later if we take picx lor.. hahha


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