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Monday, March 30, 2009


OH!! d schol hav send me d letter regardin d award i told u guyz dat dae.. haha..
i receive a cheque of $3oo... hehe.. baek pah? atlest i ken still do some shoppin/BUY mothers' dae presant 4 d moma n bf moma wif ma comin soon pay which i dunnoe wen i will get it... n dis $300 i W'ON'T DISTURB cz it gona b ma daily allowance 4 a month wen i hav start werkin.. n i won't b askin d parentz 4 $$ cz ya i feel shy.. cz i will start WERKIN soon.. loike duh!! hehe...

here is d evidnce dat i receive an award..
&to bf thnkz 4 encouragin me 2 study.. it is not a waste aniwae..
& bf is so proud wif me so du ma parentz.. hehe..


Sunday, March 29, 2009


yesterdae picnik was FUN... played lot of activities...soccer n lots more... but i didnt mandi i mean swim la.. haha.. cz m farckin lazy 2 bring big bag 2 pt baju,shampoo n stuffs.. haha... hmm... but d bf hav ben naggin wif me to swim2.. but NO!! i dunwan cz i didnt bring ani xtra pants!! hehe... den he die2 said dat if we were 2 picnik again he asked me 2 swim.. hehe.. ok.. but no promises.. lolx...Then some of us played d kangaroo jump.. hehe.. itz farckin fun!! shuld ply it again next tyme uh bf? haha.. but dis tyme arnd abt 1/2 an hr onli.. cz yesterdae we rent it 4 1hr n it farckin tired but FUN.. we race, we jump... haha... but wen first i put on d shoe n wanted 2 walk i feel loike fallin.. haha.. TAKOT SIOL!! haha.. den nizam&rauda laugh at us.. n dis nizam said dat we look retarded!! haha.. but wen he tired bf's kangaroo jump.. he said shoyk!! so he&gf rent it 2... haha.. n c hu is actuali retarded ehk.. hahah...

den we had a small b'dae celeration 4 AHMAD.. hehe.. da tue siol ko AHMAD... btw2...
& 2 wanbo hapy advnce B'DAE 2 KO jugak ok... kecyan kene sabo until his sandal PUTUS... hehe

den after dat we chill2 bodo den went 2 clean ourself up... n chill2 again.. hehe
den after dat at arnd 8plus some went off.. den left onli 1/2 of us.. we chilled.. den at arnd 10plus i&bf went off 2 marina.. tisk!! tak taw penat2 ehk.. haha...actuali wanted 2 catched a movie.. but non is nice 2 watch.. so we gif it a mis... den saw dis arcrd wif lots of bear catchin..i&bf just cant c dis thingz.. we ken actuali finish our $$ on it.. ahaha... we spend 10buckz just on dat bear machne.. hehe..i onli tried twice n i get 2 catch d lilo n stich bear.. but d werkerz said dat we ken chnge 2 ani bear dat we loike i dat particular machine itself.. so i take d WINNIE D POOH... cz i just lov WINNIE cz of d perot.. haha... & itz kiut!! haha... & some people clap 4 me bcz i manage 2 catch d bear.. haha.. ok ako sungguh MALU!! haha... blushin taw siket.. chey2...

den after dat... went 4 our supper at geylang.. cz i hav been eatin loike onli a lil(a few spoonful) 4 d dae.. yesh m on diet but still i nid food 4 ma energy.. onli 4 sometyme itz nice 2 hav supper not everidae la of cose...after dat hm swit hm=)..& 2dae i onli eat rice 1x.. den after dat just eat some biscult...=)...

k la gtg.. nw i strt missing d bf!!!


Friday, March 27, 2009


i cant wait 2 mit bf later.. & oh 2dae i cooked 4 hym ayam lemak cili padi... syoik siak.. wif many2 cili padi.. hehe.. i loike spicy food... dat is y now ma throat is killin me.. farkin pain.. i think ma tonsel hav grown bigger... actuali wanted to go 2 doc durin dis holidae.. but m just so lazy 2 get ma butt der.. m scrd if hav 2 go 4 a day surgery... ma fwen hav just gone 4 d surgery last few month i gus.. abt d complication m nt realli sure... n i alwaes turn hypo,cold sweat... i cannot go to the place where der is lot of people n d enviromt is hot.. ma body realli cant take it bcz of ma farckin tonsel... previously did went to the hospital cz m sick. den d doc diagnos me wif tonsilitis
(imflammation of the tonsel) den tey giv me an appointment to poly.. but i giv it a mis cz m 2 lazy 2 go + i hav shool 2 attentd on dat particular dae... & oh i didnt even finish d antibiotic dat dey gave me.. m just sick n tired of takin medication!!

& i gus i must go 2 d doc asap b4 start of werk.. cz by the tyme i wont b dat free already...

On the 8th April hav 2 go 4 medical checkUp at SGH.. haiya.. loike so fast reali sak guin 2 werk..!! m realli not dat prepared!!

hmm.. dis holidae i intent 2 wakeUp early in d mornin everidae.. idky... even if i slip late night will wakeUp early... i think m use 2 it nw.. cz d past few week hav been wakin Up early in the mornin 2 help moma.. so datz is y.. hmm...


k la till here... tc...=) will update abt tomoro..

*I start 2 mish skwel!! shit!! n d pic above is durin the photo takin ceremony...*


Monday, March 23, 2009


hello.. atlast m at hm restin... been 4daes stright helpin moma at expo.. so expo hav end so 2dae n 2moro is ma restin dae.. heheheheh... so farckin tired i tell u... den on wed n thur will b helpin moma at NUH... she n ma aunt will soon be openin a shop at GOLDEN LANDMARK...

1st dae..

Nuthink much happen cz its a first dae.. not 2 tired coz not realli many people went to expo.. haha.. first dae mah!!!... hahhaa..

2nd dae

sales been good... n i hav no tyme 2 eat but did munchy2 something la... den in d evernin bf came 2 help 2.. i asked hym 2 bring hys mum 2 expo n jln2... but he n his reason... padehal he told his mum he wanted 2 mit his fwen.. kalo his mum taw he guin 2 expo she will defntly follow.. actuali wanted 2 go.. but no1 wana acompny her.. she called me but to bad m at expo helpin ma moma... next tyme k aunty... den at night after closing i n bf went to TM 2 watch horro movie.. i insisted 2 watch "COMING SOON" hehe.. so we did!! overall d movie is ok la.. scarry abit.. haha.. 1st tyme ehk i watch horror movie in cinema i scard!!! hahah.. usually i will just yawn n feel sleepin n insted of concentrate i will tok to huever watchin wif me.. haha... wif ma nursin fwen also i did dat.. cz d movie is sux. n instd of concentrate we tok!! haha.. wasted ryte? but itz ok,, haha... hmm.. we did asked sarrah&ameng along but 2 bad dey hav just watch movie.. so dey giv it a skip.. hahaha.. den after d movie end at 1plus i gus we went hm.. cz d next dae i hav 2 wakeUp early 2 help moma..

3rd dae

EXpo is so farckin PACKO!! but alhamdulilla sale been gd 2.. haha.. of cose wif me arnd wad.. haha.. cey2!! den sib came to do their INAI.. den in d evernin ma dad came 2 take dem hm.... saw NENNY.. haha.. she also hav a shop der.. so we just hi n bye cz 2 bz 2 tok.. so yeah.. haha.. den at night sarah&ameng drop by.. after everithing end we went to ujays' house.. cz we hav no plan n actuali d bf asked ujay 2 mit under d voide deck but i think ujay is 2 tired so he asked we 2 come over insted... haha.. after dat i think arnd 12plus we went hm swit hm... cz sarrah is sick n also d guyz will b havin their kendarat in d mornin d next dae.. n as 4 me as usual will b helpin moma...

4th dae
same!! PACK!! untill it took me 2 walk 10mins 2 d ladies.. cz so pack... omg!! ako dala takle tahan.. kene tungu 10min lagik.. haiyo.. naseb tak terkencing.. haha.. den sarrah text askin 2 help her buy MAC BRUSH SET.. but all ma cash are gone n i hav not withdwn money.. so i asked moma 2 help n buy 1st.. hehe.. she did.. n at night sarrah called n collect her itemz at expo.. cz we r still der bz packin stuffs.. n oh!! i also bought A set OF MAC makeUp. which cost $100plus.. ehehe.. n d bf also giv me some money to topup incase m not enuf money... haha... tq... haha... den hm swit hm.. cz we r totally tired.. reached hm.. bath den tok 2 bf awhile den off 2 lalala land.. hahaha...
& FYI i buy things dat i want & wear wad i loike n suit me.. I dun follow people.. i m hu i am.. so dun judge me people...tq

& oh bf told me dat sat will b guin picnik? wah!! itz been a long tyme i nvr picnik.. haha...
ok........ if nuthink hapen i will b joinin dem.. haha...
k la till here.. penat.. i wan to clip again ken? haha.. ma body semue saket!!


Thursday, March 19, 2009



ИϋЯÚl ΛŞhÎqĀ bıŋTe ZülkÏfΣLļ

SINCE 08.11.2005

zoOrA naBiL eMaFai latE QeEnA haniS nAni LeEnA fiLa nUruL sArrAh niNie viCKy SyU DEeANa IfA aNizA FeEZAh Yunis NaZ HuDa AisyAh NadIaH JaZA
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