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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


will update soon!! bz wif werk.... bt m still under foundation program...loike lecture...wah!! da mcm skwel sak.. lolx...
n we hav yet noe our alocation... lame gile nk mampos!!!


Sunday, May 17, 2009


heloo people...!!!

2moro startin werkin at sgh readi!! wah so fast sak da nk keje!! n onli left wif a few more hrs!!
haiya!!! m so lazy 2 wakeUp early sia!!! i still wan more holidae!!! cz wen werkin life hav strt no more holidae 4 me xcpt 4 OFFF DAES!!! haiya!!! i still didnt noe which ward i will b posted 2 n wad discipline... n if were 2 gt clinic pon ok jugak ehk? werk off hrs 8-5... n weekend ken njoy!! hahaha.... so no stress? tol tak? hahaha.. n if gt ward... hav 3 rotational shift.. but ok la.. cume myb life wont b loike b4.. n insufficent rest? 2 SUDA TENTU!!! hahhaa... actuali kan!!! d nervous is still here wif me.. go away la u NERVOUS!! dun scard me!! pls!!! lolx...
nak kate lom readi bt da readi... nk kate taknk keje nurse tapi nak!! haiya typical minded uh ako nie!!! idky.. but datz is me!! hahaha... but i will still sty s 1.. cz of FUTURE N DATZ IS MA DREAM!!!

hmm.. so2 2dae is ma rest dae... since 2mro i hav strt werkin.. hehehe... didnt open moma shop 2dae s no1 luk after irah n i just wan 2 rest 1 whole dae 2dae.. hahaha.. sumpah i dun hav enuf rest even durin d holidae ok!! frm d strt till d end... bibik... com bck soon... moma will b mad if she noe dat u hv nt reach hm since yesterdae.. s she aready told u not 2 go out n luk after d lil 1... n der u go wen miisiin....!!! cme back fast ma house is in a mess 2dae!! m 2 lazy 2 do househre 2dae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm.. so yesterdae went to watch motocross wif D otherz...me&bf,sarrah&ameng,wannie&izzul, n ujay... did asked lyn along but she didnt noe hw 2 get der.... so she decided 2 go twn wif d otherz... motobike gerek nk mampos sak... coolshit!! but we sty der not dat long cz itz was 2 stuffy!! rimas nk mampos..!! saw syahid hahaha..(last tyme he ever so called loike me but i dun belif & m d kind dt not ezly take werdz frm guyz!! dun belif ask ma bf) haha... n told d bf dat is syahid n dis beylo ws loike jealous!! hahah... come on la.. i dun even hav feelin 4 hym ok!! n m urs nw wad!! hahaha.. so i didnt tego lor... latr lagik mepek2 c org tua nih bebual n think!! hahah...
den while watchin saw alep hahaha.... den i wave at hym cz he was just right behind d bf.. hehe... den ameng disturb bf n laugh2.. haha.. n dis bf noe he actuali ma fwen.. hahaha... so he didnt think negativly la... hahaha... but wen i was wavin he was loike askin me... hu r u wavin at.. haha.. ler.. 2 over protectiv sei.. haha... dun werri bf m not dat kind.. so dun scrad k... ahahaha... lagik ako nyer org dun reaalli belif guyz dat ezly.. so y u wana scard!!? hahaha...

after dat d guyz continue wtchin their scoocer(manU vs arsernal) n den we gurlz...sit infrnt of popey..... as we jus 2 lazy 2 follow n d place is loike so farckin stuffy!!! so we just sit n chat.. while chatin saw dis bitch n she was loike just sitin behind us!! hahaha.... dream on la ehk ako nk g tego!! u bitch!! if i were given a chance 2 box u i wil!!! den sarrah said she was loike lookin2.. haha.. but i just cant b bother wif dat bitch... step gerek but actuali mulot mcm pepek lembu!! oppzz.. sori 4 ma harsh werd!!! lolx... den after d guyz watch soccer we plan where 2 eat.. den get 2 noe ujay n shima are otw 2 MAK'Z PLACE...ben 2 weekx s8 we eat der.. haha... we mit dem der s we didnt noe where 2 eat.. yerp.. while d guyz were watchin d soccer, ujay make a move 1st fetch shima frm werk... den izzul&wannie make a move hm... actuali wanted 2 mit lyn at wheelock but we decided 2 had our late dinner 1st s we hav nt eaten!! den after eatin.. text n kol her.. but den she still at wheelock.. so we didnt mit her n d others cz itz so far n we tot dat dey aleady at EAST side.. as lyn said dey r on public yesterdae... but since dey are still at wheelock we giv it a mis.. as 2dae d guyz are havin their rewang thingz in d mornin..so at 1plus we make a move hm... sori ehk babe!!

hmm.. den just nw sarrah PM me at msn sayin dat her bf(ameng) n ujay gt into an accident while otw 2 d rewng place.. but lucky dey r fine.. ahah.. n sarrah said dey stiill even go 4 d rewang thingz after dey gt into an accident.. haha... actuali receive a col frm ujay at 9plus in d mornin myb he wanted 2 told d bf he gt into an accident?? but i was 2 sleepy n cnt even open ma eyes due 2 lack of sleep... n d bf are in d toilet bathin.. haah.. den i igonre d col n continue slepin.. haha... sorie taw!! ako reali didnt noe!! =P.. get well soon aites krng!!

loike i hav said earlier.. 2 much of accident happen dis month... haiyo!! must ride xtra carefully aites guyz.. n 2 d bf n d others plz ehk ride carefully!!! accident is not a playin thingz once u gt d scre it will sty 4ever wif u!!n wad if itz d bad 1?? n more worst happen? till hav 2 amputatd leg or smmothing???? so dun ehk bf n krng!! plz ehk dun eehk!! itz beta 2 play sav den regrd later..

k lar till here actuali nk type dwn lagik.. seriously allot more.. but ako pnat la... n mcm nk ujan lgik jek.. tido baek per! haha... tadaaaaaa....................


Thursday, May 14, 2009


some pictures during graduation dae which fall on d 6th may.... AT LAST!!! heheh.. been waitin 4 dis dae... ma big dae.. but non of ma famili member turn up... so do d bf.. sedih per...='(

d 3 of us w/o parentz attend on dat particular dae....


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


video of gmax..as i promise 2 upload!! hehe itz was just a unplan ride.. hehehe... we took it after our dinner at furama hotel.. n den our parents wanted 2 chill2 here.. so we(famili) did ride d hippo boat river(taxi boat) den d 3 of i was lie die2 wanted 2 ride dis g-max bungy.. hehehe....
tgk la k dis video... hehe.. n sunguh beylo sak kite 3.. hahahah.... seram nk mampos.. but best!!



shit m dwn wif fever again!! farck kan? i think not enuf rest la... 2dae m nt werkin cz i cant even wakeUp n still runin a tempreture... errmm..
btw i hav collected ma uniform.. 2 dress n 1 pansuit.. but i hav yet get d pantsuit blause cz ma size M blause is still out of stock.. so i hav 2 wait 4 their call... oh will b strtin werkin on d 18th!! datz mean next week..farck!! so linca kape!!! m realli not ready!! hehehe. but i wan 2 werk asap!! u get wad i mean? NO?? m scard la of course!! hehehe

on fri after werk bf fetch me n off 2 his place 2 giv his mum a mother's dae n birthdae gift!! we bought her a ESPRIT WATCH.. it was ma idea..

den as 4 ma moma we bougght her a set of ornic(ako tak taw speel la) jewellry, den 1 earing, a malay necklace which ken b use as a kerongsang baju kurung/kebaye) n a coach keychain... we just giv her d money n she bought all those stuff.. cz m realli out of idea wad 2 get 4 moma... BUT BOTH MUM GIFTs COST D SAME... WE ARE FAIR PEOPLE... =) EHEHE...

DEN after dat proceed 2 tamp 2 mit up wif sarrah while waitin 4 ameng 2 fetch her to go to nizam blk togather...she waited 4 nearly 1hr plus i gues 4 ameng to reach.. so i n bf decided 2 mit her first to teman her s she is alone mlm2....while waited sarrah share wif us some proble which she hd nw... be patient aites gf... dun think 2 much.. =).. after ameng hav reach we proceed 2 nizam's blk 2 chill.. sumpah d wether is farckin hot no ANGIN at all.. oh yah izzul n aidil is der 2.. hehe... after their eatin we proceed 2 bedok res park near ma place i mean just right infrnt of ma blk!! hehe.. but nizam did not follow due 2 his bike thing.. wont state it here n wont elaborate more ok.. after we reach bedok res park we settle dwn n they play card n eat peanut.. hhehe... chill2... den at arnd 3 plus i guess we wen hm as d guyz havin their rewang n i hav 2 werk in d mornin.. but wen they r otw 2 their rewng place.. hahaha.. wana noe wad? actuali d rewang is on SUNDAE!! hahaha.. FALSE ALARM PER drng kene.. hahaha... i laugh sak wen bf told me!! they loike semangat2 readi frm east 2 woodland but end up kene prek!! hahaha... keciyan ehk krng... hahaha..

den saturdae night after werk at espo mit up wif sarrah&ameng for our late dinner at MAK'Z PLACE... d bf fetch me frm werk.. hehe.. we realli eat alotz... hahaha... n seriously d eatin der is worth!! i eat loike no body buiness cz i hav nt eaten 4 d 1whole dae.... n on dat dae m dwn wif fever... grr!! n muke ako pucat nk MAMPOS!! haha.. sampai da tak larat nk MAKEUP.. so end up ako MAKEUPLESS!! hehe.. even d bf said muke pucat mcm nk mampos... n ameng lak said ako baru nampak HANTU!! babi tol krng 2!! heheheh..den while we hav just strt eatin aidil n fwen cme.. but cant sit n eat wif us cz our table is loike sue2 4 d 4 of us.... so he sit at another table.. after eatin sarrah receive a kol frm nizam.. nizam told ameng he n raudha just gt into an accident n he asked we people 2 cme dwn near raudha blk.. so we did... actuali we tot dat nizam loike jkin2 jek.. hehe... myb he is planless so he col us.. hehe.. but HE DIDNT JOKE!! ITZ TRUE!! naseb LOIKE IZ NOT DAT RABAK... n over der i and ameng help dem 2 clean their wound... raudha's wound is clean la... nizam's a lil dirty..

wah so many accident happen dis month.. 1st it was bf younger bro, den nizam&raudha den just nw bf told me his ns mate just gt into an accident... haiyo!! datz d reason i alwaes biseng2 wen bf ride his bike maen2!! i scard!! but GET WELL SOON OK PEOPLE.... N TO D OTHERS RIDE YA BIKE CAREFULLY.... DUN PLAY2 N PRA2 HER N DER NK ACTION2 OK!!!

k la m done wif d postin nk slip la 2moro werkin.. nyte people...


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