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Sunday, June 29, 2008


yesterdae b4 guin 2 tamp 2 mit lin and dan, me n bf send ira(ma lil sis) 2 mami werkplace cz mami wana bring her 2 bugis 2 shop a lil.. den after dat we cab~ed 2 tamp... 1st we go n luk 4 ma thingz.. i onli manage 2 get ma nursin watch,ok dis is ma 3rd nursin watch.. haha.. cz another 2 i 4get 2 took it off frm ma unifrm pocket and dere it goes 2 ma washin machine!! haha.. ok dis 3rd watch will kip it properply.. haha...and alwaes check ma unifrm everidae after skwel/attachment weneva i wana wash it.. haha.. yesh!! i will wash ma unifrm everidae n will wear a new pair each dae!! ok.. ako kan cerewet.. haha.. den i also hav bght ma pen touchlight.. but onli 1 thing left 2 buy.. SHOE!!! cz non of it atract ma eyes!!!! troublesme!! den after dat when 2 interchange 2 mit lin... after dat they went 2 world of sport 2 acmpny me again 2 luk 4 ma shoe.. but.. stil non of it caught ma eyes!! shit!!!!!!!!! btw saw nani n her bf at tamp.. wana tego.. but i was in a rush... sori..=)

after dat we took 23 den 857 to marina... to mit d others... actuali we been waited 4 dan bt he said dat he will b mittin us der... so we went off 1st to mid ameng&sara,izzul&wanie,wando&fina... den chil2 n took foto n sambil tgk national dae rehersal... gt firewerk.. n d nice 1 is heart shape pat awan.. nice siol!!! den after dat we went to qiji 2 eat.. den they hav their smoke break....after dat we chill at marina staircase... chat,took picx etc... n i saw dillah!! went on d wae 2 d staircase!! hehe

btw thnkz ehk ameg 4 telin dat bf hav already enrol hys bike calz 2a.. ok!!wen ameng askd hym wad prac is he nw... i n lin was loike blank la sak.. she looked at me n i lok at her..(vice versa).. i hav been kept in d dark!! fuck!!! i can onli act loike nuthink but actuali m farckin mad at hym!! cz he told others but y nt me... cb!!! realli!! argh!!! n d reason is wana suprise me!! lolx.. LAME OK BF!!! if dis types of thing u wana kip it as a sect den i guess other thingz u might also hav been kepin it frm me uh?? wadeva!! den while chillin at d staircase.. dan n yuyul came... sat 4 a while.. but ameng n sara went off 1st due 2 some reason.. wont elaborat ook... den a few mins latr dan n yuyul went off cz they wan 2 go eat n send yuyul 2 werk... den onli left me,bf,lin,wanbo,fina,izzul,wanie.. wanbo,fina,izzul,wanie wana went off.. but me,bf n lin hav no plan... but we hav 2 went back hm.. as bf mum called hym tellin hym dat she is at d hospital.. so we hav 2 go hm also la... haiya.. boring ok balek siang!! siak!!!

den wen on d wae hm...nabilah text me.. she nid help.. she wan me 2 help her tokin 2 her mum.. haha.. so i did.. simple job la babe... haha...

k la ako da penat type n i just came back frm bugis..hmm.. yeash atlast i found a shoe!! haha.. k la daa.... tgk pixz jek la k? good nyte people.. haha..bye.. tc!!


k datz all.. actuali still gt more.. but ako mlz nk upload semue.. ahakz.. nxt tyme jek la k.. tc..
pic of 2dae will upload it some other dae wokey?

and!! itz gd 2 hear dat hanie(am**g's x) da ok wif her bf...=).. she thnk`ed me n said dat she owe me cz i help 2 save their relationshp.. but no gf!! u didnt owe me.. i onli gave advise n itz up 2 ya 2 listen or not.. but u did listen 2.. n itz u guyz hu manage 2 save dat relationshp of u guyz n b hapy again... hehe... she also said dat.. "u're a realii true fwen" awww.. hehe.. thnkz gf!! muackz.. b hapy2 alwaes wokey...


Sunday, June 22, 2008


harlo all!!! wokey 1st of all m damm tired 2dae!! i slip so long!! haha.. myb bcz m 2 tired wakeUp early everi mornin due 2 goin pasa n hav 2 cook..but tady ako tak go PASA!! cz smlm ako da gon buy 4 2dae sekali.. hehe.. 2dae i cook sotong itam n goreng sayur kacang panjang!! nice wokey!! hahaha....

wokey btw itz gd 2 hear dat akmal n shida nw da patch!! gd!! he listen 2 ma advice!! haha.. thankz 2 me ryte akmal? haha.... alwaes listen 2 ya heart beb!! just ignore wad others might sae xpecialy ya fwenz.. myb they r just 2 jealous of u cz shida lov u n care 4 u 2 much!! haha... as long as u r hapy itz gd enuf!!

hmm.. as 4 syuhada lak.. itz gd dat u leave dat MATREP!! haha.. n i loike!! he is NT WORTH IT!! yeah!! atlast u listen..
BF: bf ku da book in after werkin as kendarat tady.. n tot of chatin wif hym at msn n webcam... but he hav gt no tyme... cz he hav 2 rush 2 take d 8plus ferry.. gosh!! n sumpah ako mish die loike hell!!


Saturday, June 21, 2008


firstly i found dis pic in mami hp... haha.. lame kape gamba...!! taken last yr... durin fastin month.. after permin ma hair... now rambot ako da ROSAK! CB!! reall da mcm aka2 rumpot!!! siak uh!! i mis la hair last tyme.. long n wavy!!! not dat wavy la.. more 2 straight.. hehe... can i hav dem back? lolx.. ok crap!!!
2ndly.. ako mish bf ok!! can d tyme past realli fast n DA jdik SAT PTG??? so i can mit bf!! haiya..
wadeva!! "d army have ma soilder but i hav his heart" ,hehe... swit nyer.. lolx....
hmm.. btw m so fuckin piss off wif dis fwen of mine,syuhadah!! reali!! she hav been dam n dat fuckin guy have been toyin arnd wif her feelin!! but now she can still b wif hym again?? n d reason she gave me was onli 2 fool dat guy!! hey come on... b4 u fool hym, he will fool u 1st again.. understnd?? wakeUp la gurl.. he is not worth it!! dun u realise?? how many tymes must i tell u? plZ!! use ya fackin brain!! HE IS NOT WORTH IT!!! ya i understnd itz hard 2 4get hym!! but u ever told me wad.. u r tryin 2 4get hym ryte? so y is dis shit happenin again?? haiya.... there r still lotz of guyz out der ok!! n somemore i wana tell u dat... dat guy of urs r still UNMATURED!! myb 2 hym playin arnd wif gurlz feelin are fun!! but tell hym dat wad if 1 dae itz happen 2 hym? will he b happy again? n tyme lambat ok bilng die nk main tymer nie semue!! GROW UP!!!
den just nw akmal lak kol ako.. yeap!! he also havin some prob wif his x... but.. wadeva it is.. think careful... if u still love her den give her another chance!! but.. if u think dat u dun feel d happines wen being wif her.. i gues.. just tell her.. no point bein wif her only bcz of pityness n dun fell happy at ALL!!.... u r a guy,plZ!! b tegas ok!! dun b lembek!! wen u r lembek... she will think dat u gona give her face n there she is repeatin her mistake again!! think carefuly ok mal!! i noe u can... ako bukan knl ko smlm!! dA 5tahun ok!!
haiya!! wad is happenin 2 all ma fwen!! y r their relatinshp is nt a happy 1?? i hte ma fwen being sad n stress!! n i hate wen they make decision didnt even think careful!! plz!! dun make thingz hurt u guyz.. ako sayang krng ok!! will try ma veri best 2 help 2 guyz ok... will alwaes b here 4 u people... =)...
k la gtg... m tired n jap lagik akmal colin me again..mornin all.. tc!!
tak saba la nk mit bf!! rindu die sgt2!!


Thursday, June 19, 2008


hello*wave2 hands* haha...

m bloody bored ryte nw.. n still chewin dis tasteless chewin gum for loike 1hr readi... haha... 2dae gt 2 mit bf 4 awhile.. he came over of course!! haha.. cz he wana borrow ma CONGKAK VCD cz his mum wana watch it.. haha... den talk2 talk2 wif bf jap.. he ate asam pedas ikan pari dat i hav cooked earlier on n fried egg n crckerz... hehe... he eat till licin ok.. datz mean SEDAP!! haha.. ok perasan!!

hmm.. i still have a few novelz 2 read.. but another 2 is loike look intrestin.. but after readin a few pages.. d story is loike damm complicated.. n i hate complicated story... will start readin 1 more novel den will send it back 2 library b4 30june!!

well3!! bf will b posted 2 TEKONG as a driver.. loike so GD!! he gt all d license!! onli bike claz 2A lom amek!! haha.. but will take soon.. hmm.. but he wont tell me wen..he said wana suprise me wif d bike wen he hav pass!!! loike duh!! nk secret2 ehk..? tendang baru taw.. haha.. BTW luckily bf tak kene posted pat unit.. if nt he will go 2 brunei etc, den will left me alone!! haha.. but i noe god noe how much he love me so he wont let hym left me all alone here.. haha.. mcm phm!!

ok.. m reali bored wana watch online movie or mayb just read ma novel.. haha...

so bored so i edit some photos just nw... till now.. tc.. i mish bf he hav to stay in strtin frm 2moro at tekong.. but he will b back on SATURDAE.. ily!! muackz


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