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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


yesterdae was fun.. went to breakfast wif family at ma uncle n aunty stall near vivo den went to vivo.. den at arnd 9plus mami wanted 2 go hm.. so bf n me naek bike n the otherz naek car.... bf send me hm.. den he bath n siap n off 2 book in.. while me i went to geylng wif yul+los. mit ila der.. chil2 n du some catchUp.... 1plus we went off.. jln kaki taw ako balek frm paya leba to macph? imagine.. ahahkz.. we just wana save d money so dat takya take cab.. hehe.. selagik ken walk we walk la.. haha...overall itz was fun yesterdae..n d bf nvr slip till i reach hm hahaha.... ape la sgt.. i noe hw 2 lok after maself la bf... i luv u many2.. so swit la u.. haha...k till here.. ako mlz nk elaborate mre... just let d picz du d talkin..


Monday, September 22, 2008


here are some picx.. but itz nt in order.. m lazy 2 rearrnge la.. hehe.. sory..

sarturdae went to bazza to luk 4 bf's baju kurung.. and after all d tirin n sweatin we manage 2 get his baju.. mami bought it 4 d bf.. but as 4 mine.. i have 2 buy it mayself.. humph!! not fair ryte?? dis yr we will be wearin dark BLUE.. naseb we manage 2 get d same particular colour.. didnt bought d couple set dis yr cz all didnt even atract ma eyes!! haha.. not nice la siak dia yr!! betol.... hehe.. o.. ya.. went der at first just d both of us.. den mit up wif izzul, lyn, and lyn's fwenz.. =)... they r nice people.. realli.. but after abt an hr wif dem.. we hav 2 went 2 our seperate wae.. cz me n bf hav 2 go back as his mum is not well.. so reached his house sit n chat wif his mum as usual.. waited 4 his lil bro 2 reach hm.. den off we went to send his mum 2 hospital.. n she hav 2 be admited 4 some observation.. get well soon aunty... =)... at arnd 3plus in d mornin we went off...

Sundae.. didnt du much.. wake up veri late at arnd 4plus.. hehe.. veri tired la.. hmm.. den at arnd 5plus me n d bf went to hospital 2 visit hys mum.. bought her some food as i noe cfrm she didnt eat well in d hospital as u noe... its TASTLESS!! somore dey serve her mutton.. she cant eat dat.. hmm.. den after she had d food.. me n bf went 2 qiji 2 breakfast.. m not fastin aniwae... onli d bf.. after dat went back 2 d ward 2 acompany his mum.. hys aunt family hav just arive. at arnd 8plus we went off cz d bf hav 2 book in at 1130... but before dat i hav 2 infrm d nurse in chrge abt d food... evrithing bf expect me 2 ask.. loike der.. if m not der hw? hehe... den acompny bf 2 take his stuff at his hm.. bought lens 4 his bro.. as i hav nt get anithink 4 his b'dae yet... hehe.... den bf send me hm.. walauwei.. wen d bf went off at arnd 11.. and i was abt 2 update ma blog.. i luk 4 ma hp.. i was PANIC.. i tot lost.. den i relise i left it at bf's sofa.. hehe.. asked bf 2 kol his bro 2 check... hehe.. naseb ade.. betol.. i cnt slip sa.. mindgrain beb.. haha... kental sak.. padehal hp jek..

Mondae.. took ma hp at bf house at arnd 9plus... luckily his dad was hm.. cz his adek tido maty.. haha.. pantat die.. lolx... den after dat went 2 market wif yul,irah,muz n papa... we didnt fast.. so had our luch at KFC.. hehe.. den off 2 fair price.. no fish!! den we took 18 to bedok.. went sheng siong... luckily hav fish.. so went hm.. 2 cook sup n ikan sumbat.. nice beb.. haha.. perasan ehk.. hehhe... den tady after breakfast bf book in... he book out cz he hear dat i wana cook celok n ikan sumbat.. hehe... i luv hym...


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