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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i noe i hav not been updatin 4 a long tyme... m so farckin bz now a daez...=)
so how is life? well.. so far so gd... nuthink much happen actuali itz just dat m farckin bz
wif ma werk(attachment). i hav 2 do a total skills of 31 for d whole yr2.. so nw m left with 7more skilz.. many ryte? i noe.. cz dis ward which m attached 2 didnt hav much skillz dat we ken do der.. hmm.. and all d staff der alredy trt us loike an ENROLLED NURSE.. probably EVERI single ENROLLED NURSE JOBS we hav 2 do.. tirin i tell u!! grr!!! but so far ok la.. i enjoyed it.. rather den i rot at d ward duin nuthink.. ooo.. i hate dat sia...

well... 2dae is d dae MaRKED m 19!! HEHE.. hapY 19b'dae 2 me!! m still young la sia..!! haha..but bf is not here 2 celebrate wif me...=( as he is havin his field camp ryte now.. but d early wish is appreciated bf!! =)... hmm.. moma hav gave me an advance b'dae present.. a few weekz b4 ma b'dae.. she gave me a coach bag.. which cost her $500 buckz... i realli didint xpect it.. haha.. i love it... thnkz moma..=)... n oh!! as 4 d bf.. he hav not gav me anithink cz i told d bf.. just giv me on the next month.. so we xchnge gift as his b'dae fall on d 19th febuary...hehe.. he alreadi told me wad he wan.. so tak malu kan? it suppose 2 b a gift taw bf... hahaha.. he asked 4 d new G-shock orange color watch.. haha.. which cost $150... dun werri bf i will gran ya wish n ya needs.. haha...itz cheap la... haha.. as 4 mine.. i dun realli mind la wadeva he wana giv me,i will appreciate it...=)...haha

btw2!! thnkz 2 all ma fwenz & famili hu wishes me thru msges n face 2 face.. hehe.. i appreciate it people...=) once again thnkz!! *winkz*

AND to d bf thnkz 4 d early b'dae wish.. ily...muackz....

ok2.. i gus i will end here.. if not i will just type loike 1 gandma story.. haha.. will update soon ok people..


ИϋЯÚl ΛŞhÎqĀ bıŋTe ZülkÏfΣLļ

SINCE 08.11.2005

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