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Thursday, August 27, 2009


picture of yesterdae

breakfast wif d gurlz n shalala husbnd n lil gurl yesterdae at geylng....aisah last min cuddent make it cz her grandma admitted 2 hospital... so she been excused.. haha.. pdhal die yg ajak klua n buke same2 ehk.. haha.. takpe understndable... hehe.... overall yesterdae was fun.. but actuali wanted 2 go to town arnd 9plus but cncle d plan cz by d tyme we reach der kedai pon da tutop.. hehe.. so we giv it a miz.. n we bid gd bye.. s some are tired readi n as 4 me cant take the hot farckin enviroment readi... ooo.. rase mcm ayam panggang yg tgh dipanggang... fuh!!! PANAS!!!

d lil gurl still dun wana me to carry her... wen ako dokong jek die melalak.. cannot makeit la ko IQA!! haha.. siak!! but overall iz fun la... =)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


ken i sae dat i realli hav no life nw?? REALl! weekend pon hav 2 werk2 n if off pon either bf hav 2 sty in! hmm... or just sty hm s 4 nw, d weekendz r not loike b4 cz bf bike still at d workshp! grrr..so nomore late weekend nyte..borin? yesh, SUPER! ok wadeva it is atlest bf is still der wif me..eventho we fight loike almost everidae over a stupid mater..hehe..ily bf! *cium pipi kamu* awww..hehe k la till here btw 2moro guin geylng wif d gf 4 our breakfast n btw thur picnik wif ma ward sister was cncle due 2 she is stiill not well n havin her 6daez mc..aww.. dat bad? ermmm..get well soon sister.. wen u r away a lot happen liao..

&& oh i cant wait 2 du hair makeover 4 raye.. raye ehk?? haha.. btw still decidin d color.. errmm.. wa lao wei.. sian uh...wad color ehk nice?? ani color 2 recoment?? i hav gt d color on ma mind.. but itz 2 comment la sei!! but shuld i just du it?? or try other diff color?? errmm...

k2.. will update soon abt 2moro breakfast wif d gurlz.. oh.. m soo lukin 4ward 4 it.. =p


Friday, August 21, 2009


i hav gt ma new fone! samsung omnia pro..cool shit! m now bloggin using d hp! *rolling eyes*


Monday, August 17, 2009


i missh ma BF loike hell sia!! itz guin 2 a week i didnt get 2 mit hym.. all thnkz 2 his weekend duty n his spoilt bike!!! =(... n oh!! ken d daes plz pass by faster.. so dat i will get 2 mit hym dis fri.. n oh yeah.. did manage 2 get PH on fri,21/8.. cz i nie 2 send ma sister 2 TTSH for her dae surgery.. o.. c hw suportiv i m.. haha.. lolx.. just wana cmfort her la.. i noe she is scrd bt just didnt shw it off. lolx...
n on d lighter note we r getti closer loike b4.. =P..

n oh.. in a few minz tyme.. it marked 3monthz i hav been werkin at SGH.. n OH MA PROBATION WILL END SOON.. ON D 19/8/09.. wah. loike at last.. hehe.. fuh!! thnkz god i manage 2 pulled it thru..=)... alhamdulilah.. n will b guin 4 nyte shift soon.. but still idk wen... myb ds cumin new shedule? oohh.. i cant wait 4 it.. xtra bling2($$)..o.. i like!! haha. but i still didnt noe hu i will b werkin w at night.. hop d kaki gerek.. so dat ma nyte will end fast.. hehe.. wohohoho...


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


helllo...!! m havin ma 2daes off.. wee!! but after dat will b werkin 4 10 daes s8 den 1dae off... fuuhhh!! giler babi per shift ako!! takpe... money nyer pasal.. SIAK!! haha... well yesterdae bf fetch me frm werk but wen abt 2 reach SGH his bike break dwn.. n his engine spoilt!! haiya.. den frm d main rd he walk 2 blk 6 2 fetch me.. pity hym.. i saw hym walkin i was loike ok wth.. takkn he nvr ride hys bike kan.. haha... den get 2 noe hys bike rosak! kesiyan.. hehe.. den we cabbed 2 golden landmark s moma nid our help so we did... errmm after dat bf treat us at JERK THAI.. wah!! full nk mampos!! hehe... den after dat cabbed hm n bf continue d cab 2 his crib s he wana rest 1st.. kesiyan die nga stress.. bike rosak.. haha...

n btw yesterdae plan 2 ride bicycle wif d gurlz(faridah,huda,sa'edah) & guyz(roy&shah) was cancle cz itz was rainin. hehe.. nvrm next tyme aites people...we picnik!! ako masak k!! haha.. dun weeri huda ko takkn terberak2... ahaha.. ako tak letak RACUN!! hahaha.. siak3!! lolx... den s 4 2dae plan 2 watch movie wif huda&faridah was cancle 2 cz faridah guin 4 a date wif her tunang.. wow!! hehe.. best nyer.. tak mcm kite ehk huda.. bile weekdaez jek ditingalkan..!! wakaka.. bastrd per mataer kite!! ahaha.. siak... pdhal drng pat cmp.. haha....

so just nw after helpin moma at her shop.. i went 4 urot at MUSTIKA RATU.. it worth ma 45buckz.. actuali dey havin promotion 1hr 4 48buckz but d owner is moma fwen so she gave me 45buck insted 4 1hrplus.. hehe.. cool per... wakaka...i loike.. heheh...n wen she urot ma badan she said dat ma body banyak angin kala org angkat beci.. siak!! haha... iyerla ako keje macm mane.. haha.. keje mcm nk maty.. dgn patient2 nie semue.. hehe

s 4 2moro plan will b helpin moma again at her shop... n d gurlz r werkin 2moro so no plan!! =p..
n myb visitin ma obek 2moro at cgh.. she's nw in icu.. heard he is nw in a worst condition... oh.. get well soon...

&& ohhh... audit is arnd d corner,on thur,13AUG09... siak uh.. seram per... alamak... n sumore m werkin afternoon shift on d audit itself... halamak.. nie yg ako tk suke.. nape sister taknk kasi ako off sei... ako ader kejong siket EHK bile pat audit.. n ako will sembuyi2... wakaka..

k la till here will update soon... & btw i miss ma weekend gf n d rest.. da lame sei tak jumpe krng... yala.. semue da bz...=( borin kan.... halamak...


Saturday, August 08, 2009



btw had fun on d 6aug08.. after werk mit up wif ma gf(nurses).. didnt manage 2 join dem fishin in d mornin s i was werkin.. ermm.. so yeah i mish d fun sia!! nvrm.. nxt tyme la ehk.. so after fishin mit up wif dem at town.. n get 2 mit syalala n d baby gurl 2.. haha.. sumpah kiut sak d baby... BUT!! D BABY TAKOT NGN AKO.. AKO DOKONG JEK DIE NANGIS.. HAHA.. SIAK!!! OI AKO TAK BAWAK HANTU LA..hehe.. seriously i lov baby.. but oh!!! but cum 2 manage d troller n stuff onli dey noe.. haha.. i sux wif it... haha... even huda.. oh we r so not d motherly ehk HUDA!! hahaha...

even tho it was a short mit up.. but still i njoy d short mitUp.. hehe... n oh m d younger amongz dem.. hehe.. n s usual i will alwaes b late wen cum 2 hav 2 take public transport.. haha.. actuali SUPOSE 2 mit DEM @ 5pm... but den.. i was 2hr late.. i reach far east at 7pm.. haha.. sori people... =)...

& oh gurlz dun 4get k.. bulan posa after werk we go buke 2gather.. n oh ken we fast?? haha..
idk la ehk.. wakaka..

n we realli cannot werk 2gather in a shift.. haha.. it will b keco wen we 3 werk 2gather(me,faridah,huda).. haha... we will laugh2 non stop... bukan penat keje taw penat ketawe.. haha...

on d lighter note.. m cough n flu is getiin bad!! farck.. but nomore runin of temp.. but still i hav been weak... haiya!! but! i still dun wana take MC... cz 2moro is ma off den werk 4 1dae.. den off again 4 2 daez... den werk 4 10daez (grr!!) den get 1 dae off!! haiya! cfrm tirin.. n hw m i guin 2 get fully well sak g 2!!!


Tuesday, August 04, 2009


ok i will b werkin afternoon shift 2dae.. n ma body is farcki weak but i guess i still nid 2 drag maself 2 werk.. n PLUS m not realli well 2dae.. been coUghin non stop & wil be gettin d sore throat soon =)... n hav been havin some runnin nose but nt dat bad yet... runnin of temp A LIL dat make ma body a lil warm... BUT!!!!! I STILL NID 2 DRAG MASELF 2 WERK... I CANT B 2 NICE&PAMPED DIS BODY 2 MUCH.. CZ NW EVERI CENTZ IS IMPORTNT 2 ME NOW.. everithing iN dis werld is MONEY... NW I NOE HOW HARD IT IS 2 GET MONEY!! N U KEN REALLI GET STRESS OVER MONEY!! HEHE.. BUT TRUE LA.. ONCE U GUUYZ HAV START WERKIN AS A FULL TYME U GUYZ WILL GET WAD I MEAN... d tiredness is totally diff frm duin part tyme werk.. REALLI!! and everi nw n den i will easily get body ache.. LOIKE IRITATIN U NOE... OK WADEVA BUT I WILL TRY NOt 2 TAKE MC. CZ ITZ WILL MAKE MA PAY LESSER 4 A MONTH N SOMEMORE PUASE N RAYE IS CUMIN SOON... N M SURE I REALLI NID 2 USE LOT OF MONEY ON DIS 2 MONTHZ... GRR.. STRESSS.. KEN I STILL B A STUDENT N GET DUET RAYE N DUN NID 2 DU SAVIN 4 EVERI MONTH???? hehe... dream on la ehk!! lolxx....

& oh will b havin ma rest dae on d national dae itself.. but wont b guin out s both bf n me is broke nw & GD NEWZ IS BF NOT WERKIN(I THINK DEY HAV CNHGE HIS DETAILZ).. n myb mum guin 2 make kenduri on dat dae itzself b4 puase...huhu...



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